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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Praying with St Therese Couderc 1

Some inspiration from the letters of our foundress St Therese Couderc (1805-1885)

My very dear Sister,
(to Sister Agnès 14 January 1836 Anth: 113)

I pray every day that He will give you the grace
(to her brother, Jean Couderc, seminarian 10 October 1829, Anth: 108)

to belong wholly to God.
(to M. de Larochenégly 7 June 1876, Anth: 227)

Be kind,
(to M. Félicié Chartier 21 May 1863, Anth: 151)

encourage one another,
(to her nephew, Adrien Rouvier 9 January 1863, Anth, 146)

for the glory of the good God.

(to Sister Agnès 14 January 1836, Anth: 113)

Saturday, 14 April 2018


We never want to let go of them, those we love.
How could it be any different than that? 
We loved them, hold them still in the glimpsed silences between tears and loss, where we espy the possibility of peace.

Yet true peace comes in its own way, at its proper time, clothed in the faces of other beloved ones, who search for their path. In our nurturing of the next generations let us move forward with hope.

May we have the courage to believe that even now we too are enfolded in Love.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Suffering of the heart of Jesus

Suffering of the heart of Jesus comfort my heart, console my heart, soften my heart

Compassion of the heart of Jesus clothe my heart, support my heart, enter my heart

Keep me and those I love close to you.
Draw me nearer to you in the letting go, letting be, giving back to you all I have received in love.

Let me find my hope, my freedom, my peace in You.