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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Praying with St Therese Couderc 1

Some inspiration from the letters of our foundress St Therese Couderc (1805-1885)

My very dear Sister,
(to Sister Agnès 14 January 1836 Anth: 113)

I pray every day that He will give you the grace
(to her brother, Jean Couderc, seminarian 10 October 1829, Anth: 108)

to belong wholly to God.
(to M. de Larochenégly 7 June 1876, Anth: 227)

Be kind,
(to M. Félicié Chartier 21 May 1863, Anth: 151)

encourage one another,
(to her nephew, Adrien Rouvier 9 January 1863, Anth, 146)

for the glory of the good God.

(to Sister Agnès 14 January 1836, Anth: 113)

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